Another solo effort today, and a first trip of the year to the Gasworks. It turned out to be a gloriously sunny day, more like spring than winter, and it is such a pleasure just to be out digging in weather like this, any finds just make it a bonus. After all the rain we've had recently it was such a nice change in the weather. The only drawback was the high level of the water at the bottom of the tip which made digging a messy and awkward job.

As usual it was sparse, the best find of the day being a 10oz. Thomas & Edwards codd. This was unusual, being a Kilner made bottle, and one I hadn't seen complete before, it also has a different castle trade mark to the other codds. It was a bottle for the local collection, but sadly somebody had turned it into a money box. Even though it is damaged, it will stay in the collection until a better example is found. Other finds included a couple of poisons, a local beer, and a "Logan's Liniment" bottle which I hadn't seen before.

Is this a codd?:

Is this a codd?

Yes, and a rare local one too. Never seen a complete one of these before, different castle, made by Kilner:

Yes, and a rare local one too

But......some little f*** has turned this into a money box:

But......some little f*** has turned this into a money box

After all the rain we've had recently, it was bound to be a bit wet today. This is the first time I've ever seen water on here:

Rather wet to say the least

A view of the dig:

A view of the dig

The day's finds:

The day's finds

Just before packing in time two dog walkers stopped for a chat. The bloke had been a digger many years ago and was very interested in the dig. Chatting away, I stopped paying attention to the clay capping on the slope above the hole. Bad move. A HUGE chunk of rock filled clay came down and smacked me a good one on the side of the knee. It was like being hit by a bloody truck. It's bruised and badly swollen, and it hurts to buggery, but it should be OK. A salutory lesson to never turn your back when there's a chance of a cave-in.

The fall actually filled the hole:

A bit of a cave in
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