We made another visit to our mystery site today, and managed to get in a few hours before dark. It turned out to be a pretty good session all in all, with plenty of codds, a few gingers, and some other nice bits and pieces. Best finds had to be a fantastic & rare Carnarvon Castle pictorial half pint beer bottle from the firm of Thomas & Edwards, which made my day as it replaces the damaged one in my collection, and a very nice "Griffith Owen, Meirion Vaults, Blaenau Festiniog" beer which I hadn't seen before. Biggest disappointments today were the broken Hill soda syphon, again one I hadn't seen before, and the bottom half of another blue top ginger. Also a Horners cylinder cream pot, which had been burnt to buggery.

Again, I only have photos of my take homes:

Again, I only have photos of my take homes

The Thomas & Edwards Carnarvon Castle beer:

The Thomas & Edwards Carnarvon Castle beer

The Meirion Vaults, Blaenau beer:

The Meirion Vaults, Blaenau beer
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