It was back to our well-hammered site today. This always seems to produce plenty of bulk, but very little top quality. It was a glorious day, more mid-summer than end of October, and although nothing of note was found, it was an enjoyable day nevertheless.

It seemed to be a day for footwarmers today, with quite a number coming out, although only two complete, and both plain. Two of the broken examples were of note: a two-tone brick shape, with "Footwarmer" printed on the side, which, although it had no potters' mark, had the look and feel of a Price, Bristol piece, and a solid salt-glaze form, with "Foot Warmer" impressed to the base. Biggest heartbreaker was half a Bungalow warmer which Stephen pulled out.

First find of the day was an unusual double ender (or boat) feeding bottle embossed "No. 2 Prophylactic." Plenty of bulk, with local beers coming out left, right and centre, a few common skittles, including a green 6oz. (which quickened the heart rate until it was found to be unembossed), and a couple of codds. Other nice finds included a lovely little amber cylinder medicine, embossed "Society of Homeopathic Chemists, London," and an amber medicine?? bottle from Chicago.

Although no quality was found, it was good to be out in the sunshine once more.

No capping, straight into ash:

No capping, straight into ash

Stephen getting down to it:

Stephen getting down to it

Bits, mostly tat, from same:

Bits, mostly tat, from same

Some more bits:

Some more bits

Anyone any idea what this is? It's the size of a large marble, and looks like a football:

Anyone any idea what this is? It's the size of a large marble, and looks like a football

Final tally for me:

Final tally for me
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