Back again to the well hammered site. It was just Stephen and myself today, and the intention was to try and bottom the tip. We dug two seperate holes, but Stephen strangely found his to be right on the edge of the undug area, with one side of the hole having been previously dug. I was struggling today, and just couldn't get going, although I did manage to get down to about eight foot. As usual it was pretty sparse, with most of the finds coming from right down at that depth, a pity that we have to fill in our holes at the end of the day otherwise it would be a lot easier to leave them open and carry on on our next visit.

Prize for the furthest travelled bottle today went to a 10oz. codd from the firm of "G. THOMPSON & SON, STENHOUSEMUIR." Other finds included another 10oz. Dobson's Patent codd, my first ever dumpy seltzer (an aqua Ellis Ruthin), and a cracking local chemist's "cure" dug by Stephen: "ADAMSON'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF HOREHOUND." No sign of any gingers today, but once again plenty of busted codds. Saddest find of the day was a broken clear glass bird feeder embossed "SING BIRDIE SING."

Stephen taking refreshment:

Stephen taking refreshment

Some bits: tat and take home:

Some bits: tat and take home

Nice little bird feeder. A pity it's broken:

Nice little bird feeder. A pity it's broken

Other side of the feeder:

Other side of the feeder

Looking down into my hole:

Looking down into my hole

Some of the take home bits today:

Some of the take home bits today
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