Returning home from yesterday's trip we were talking in the car about bottles and tips, when Tony remembered that while the building of the sewerage plant at the Gasworks tip was being carried out, a large section of the tip was carted off to be dumped just outside town. The site is located on the Caeathro road, next to the river, and has been used as a place to tip rubble and old building materials for many years. It is still there, and accessible. So it was decided to go and have a look this morning.

I called round to pick up Tony, and off we went. It's not too far so it only took about twenty minutes to walk to the tip. I can vaguely remember some talk in the 70's, when bottle collecting was experiencing a boom, of workers at a neighbouring factory digging bottles out of the tip. If there was anything left, then we should be able to find it. Surely?

Tony had a vague idea of where the ash had been tipped at the time, but once on site it was quite impossible to locate it. Over the intervening thirty years thousands of tons of rubble has been tipped here, so wherever it is, it is buried deeply under tons of crap. There were a few bits of green and aqua glass dotted about the site, but they were the random finds that can be found on any plot of land far away from tip. The only likely spot we could find which looked promising and was suitable for a dig was on the bank of the river, where the slope of the tip began. A few small test holes were dug, but there was nothing but building rubble in there. We finally had to admit defeat, pack up the digging tools, and go home.
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