Today we decided to have a trip to check out a site we had been told about. It was supposedly a 1950's site, but with a chance that much earlier stuff was underneath. We were told of this site by somebody who used to play on the tip as a child in the late 1950's. It was the site of a former gasworks, always a good sign.

The directions we had been given were good, so it was relatively easy to find our way to the target, and at first glance it looked very promising indeed. There was a thick covering of Japanese Knotweed, always a good sign of underlying tip. However, after much probing we found that a large area was covered in concrete, which predated the tip and was a a survivor from the gasworks. We eventually found a spot without concrete, but although there was some small shards of glass and china in the soil, no bottles were found in the small trial hole we dug. We soon gave up on this when a local walking his dog came along and told us that the local authority had removed all the old tip when they built a new road through the area a few years ago. The location of the new tipping site was unknown. So that was that.

As we made our way back to the car we noticed some tell-tale signs of glass and china on a slope above the footpath. The dog walker was still hanging around and he told us that there used to be an old house at the top, with the garden backing on to the slope. Over the fence we went, and at first it seemed to promise good things, but sadly it turned out to be no more than the usual bits, with no whole bottles comng out. A pity as there were some nice local bits on there.

On our way home we decided to make a detour, and headed for Talysarn, so that we could have a look around the old quarry manager's house; Plas Dorothea. Now in ruins, in its day it had been an impressive place, surely it had a tip nearby? Although we walked the grounds methodically, we failed to find any signs of tipping whatsoever. A wasted day as far as finds were concerned, although a pleasant way to spend a few hours out in the fresh air.
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