Back to the Gasworks again today for what turned out to be a very sparse dig. Decided to move further down towards the older bit today, but it was virtually barren ash all day. Sum total finds at the end of the session was a Dublin clay pipe and a Keillers. Two broken Carnarvon half pint beers did make an appearance, which shows that there are some goodies to be found here, despite the poor finds on the day.

The best feature of the day was the brilliant display of autumnal leaves on the trees.

Excavation in progress:

Excavation in progress

The heavy clay capping can be clearly seen here:

The heavy clay capping can be clearly seen here

Getting down to it:

Getting down to it

The day's few finds:

The day's few finds

A colourful display:

A colourful display

Much more interesting than the finds:

Much more interesting than the finds
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