Back to the Gasworks today, and raring to go despite last weeks injury. Decided to clear out the hole and continue to work my way into the side of the tip. As usual not much coming out, and it wasn't until late in the day that anything remotely like a take home bottle appeared. Total finds for the day were two little poisons, one a nice crude half ounce "ice blue" example, an unusual doll's head, and two Castle Mineral Water Works minerals. These bottles are later than the codds but are much rarer. The smaller crown lip example will be going into the collection as a replacement for a slightly lesser condition one I already have. The large internal stopper one is set for eBay.

A nice seam of ash, but very sparse:

A nice seam of ash, but very sparse

A general view of the digging:

A general view of the digging

The day's take home bits:

The day's take home bits

A close-up of the doll's head:

A close-up of the doll's head
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